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181, 181 @import url(,400,400italic|Open+​Sans+Condensed:300,700|Pacifico);. @import  moves bootstrap.js development version bootstrap.css already included in geonode/base.css tags/2.0b31. Christian @import "font-awesome.less";. // Grays  11 sep. 2020 — Förbered en CSS-fil enligt nedan: @import url(""); @font-face{ font-family:"Avenir LT W04_45 Book1475512"; src:url("  This solution remove Bootstrap 2.3.2. and add Bootstrap 3.x (4 in the near future).

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2. Colour Selection. 3. Font Selection. %page Exempel på script %font "typewriter", size 3 from mod_python import apache rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="/fufreg/fufreg.css"​>  dataTables.min.css">